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Foundation Of
Success Webinar
July 6th, 2021
05:30 pm BST


Thank you for joining us, a webinar link will follow soon !

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Foundation Of Success

Sponsored by - Gherson Solicitors

‘Foundations of Success’ is a highly interactive personal management & communication workshop.


Designed to offer ideas to help you become more efficient and effective on a day-to-day basis, the workshop comes with follow-up support to ensure that these tips make a lasting impact.


Participants will be provided with practical planning, organisation and communication resources that will enable you to put what you have learnt into practice from day 1.


This Workshop will help you to:

• Manage your workload more effectively

• Reduce interruptions

• Identify business AND personal goals

• Set priorities in all areas of life

• Communicate more effectively

• Increase your confidence

• Identify your ‘High Payoff’ activities

• Feel more in control of the working day

• Reduce stress

• Improve your work/life balance

• Foundations of Success includes:

I. A course workbook / plan of action;

ii. Guidance on communication styles; and

iii. And effective planning system.


This course is CPD Certified and particpants will receive a CPD certificate upon completion


Foundation Of Success Webinar


July 6th, 2021


05:30 PM BST

Nick Howes

Managing Director of LMI UK

Nick is the Managing Director of LMI UK, (Leadership Management International), having taken over the role in 2019. He joined LMI in 2009 and has worked successfully with leaders and managers from across the SME spectrum as well as with large corporations and charities, being warmly received for his personable and flexible style, helping clients to achieve great results in accordance with their key goals.

Nick loves to see people develop personally and professionally, helping them to translate the life-changing impact of LMI programmes into transformation of their teams and organisations



Managing Director


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Executive Coach

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Joelle Richa

Executive Coach

Joelle brings 8 years experience in business management, innovation and development working between London, Paris and Dubai. Through her experience and qualifications she has a sound and thorough understanding of business visioning, establishment, consolidation, and expansion.

As a results-driven strategist, trainer and coach, Joelle has great knowledge and expertise to optimize performance of individual executives, teams and organizations.


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